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At 11degrees we rely heavily on technology to produce the best results. As well as many years experience delivering sound and lighting solutions the current global landscape demands that businesses increase their communications online. Awards nights and presentations are now turning toward webinars to cater for this growing need.

We at 11degrees are continually searching the best solutions and refining best practices. For webinars we have found "Livestorm" to be the leading platform providing all the tools to host a high-end solution.

If you're looking to produce online content or run a webinar, below are some tips and tricks to get the greatest impact...

Webinar Tips and Tricks - For Presenters: 

  • Where possible always have your device plugged into the power. Batteries independent of age can drain quickly when engaged in video based activities and you don't want to lose your connection during your presentation. 
  • Make sure the web registration page works and determine the minimum amount of information you need from the attendees... don't ask for too much or you'll scare them off!
  • Immediately confirm the user's registration and notify them via email with details of the webinar. The webinar tool should be setup to do this automatically.
  • Give an option to add the webinar to their calendar plus software requirements and agenda. 
  • Livestorm has an excellent connectivity tester:  https://app.livestorm.co/connectivity-test
  • Be accurate with the start and finish times and stick to them. Value your attendees time.
  • Practice your presentation - you don't want to be tripped up by any technical aspects. Also have somebody listen in to monitor the flow... Look out for long pauses or "ums" plus overusing certain words.
  • Highlight what the webinar will cover and try not to be too obvious if reading from a script
  • Find a quiet, well-lit space and tell others in your office/home so they don't interrupt. 
  • Soft furnishings rather than hard surfaces will help produce the clearest audio (ie. Carpet/rugs, Curtains) plus using ear buds or headphones with a built-in microphone will help reduce background noise.
  • Typing on the keyboard, clicking a pen or any other sound will be picked up and broadcast so best be aware.
  • Natural light from the front gives the best results and watch out for strong down lights - they'll cast unflattering shadows! If you don't have natural light try positioning a lamp(s) in front of you and play around with different positions until to feel happy... I little light in your eyes means you'll be seen on the screen.
  • Dress to reflect your business/occasion.
  • Your background is important so don't over look this. Keep it simple, tidy and not too distracting. Consider using a background that has your company's logo/name. It will in most cases look reversed on your screen but won't be for your audience. Check this beforehand to be sure.
  • Let the attendees know early if the presentation will be recorded and that a link will be emailed to them soon after the webinar. Don't assume that they can stay.
  • The main webinar room and shared screens will most likely be recorded but shared media may not. Check this with the host/administrator before you start just in case you need to make your presentation available separately.
  • Slow down... This is in general for all presenters however if there is any latency issues they will frustrate the attendees when screen actions and audio don't sync.
  • If you have the facility in your software make sure to mute attendees devices. Also silence your own phone! 
  • Turn off all notifications on your presentation computer. You don't want any email messages popping up and for that matter any pop-ups informing you to perhaps update your virus software. (Go to Start/Settings/Personalisation/Lock Screen/"Show which apps show quick status" and select "None")
  • Let your attendees know what the policy is and how to post questions, chat and access polls if you are running any. Confirm also if Q&A will be at the end of your presentation or you are happy to answer as you go.
  • Try not to use jargon or abbreviations. 
  • Be careful showing real customer data unless you have their permission.
  • If you are recording the webinar to post after the session make sure with the host that the recording will feature all shared media. if not, this may need to be sent separately. Let your audience know what to expect. Note: Livestorm allows this feature but must be requested to their admin team 24hrs before the webinar.
  • Send a follow up email afterwards detailing where they can get a copy of the presentation and answer any questions that weren't covered.
  • Thank attendees and other speakers for attending and say it like you mean it... be up-beat!
  • Finally, remember the 5 P's: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

For Attendees:

  • Most webinars provide an email with the URL to join. Test this link before the meeting starts just in case you need other software. Don't worry, you won't be able to join the conference until the allotted time.
  • Mute your phone. Respect the presenter and those attending.
  • Ask questions that are relevant and helpful to others. and if you have another question, ask permission. There may be others that have some of their own.
  • Remember, you decided to take time to watch, so enjoy it - you may just learn something new!