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Lakeside 2009

In front of a crowd of over 30,000 people at Rotorua's Village Green, Chris Powley and Brendon Packard gave the people of Rotorua what they've come to expect... and so much more!
Hailed as the "best and biggest (concert) yet" together they proved to this discerning audience that "They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!" - a slogan rampant with expectations and yet they didn't disappoint... far from it! 

From the first song to the finale supported by fireworks the show featured a tapestry of the finest entertainers,  from local and afar, that weaved a sense of pride for its audience. It was a celebration of who we are as a nation from our varied cultural roots to the multicultural melting pot of today.

If you weren't there, ask someone who was - I'm sure they'll agree that the bar has definitely been raised for future events and perhaps this dynamic duo should be asked back again!

Some Feedback from the show...
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"...Just catching up to congratulate you and Chris on the show - it was awesome and really was the best one yet...."
Kim Billington
BDO Spicers (Key Lakeside Sponsor)

"Hi Brendon,
It was a delight to work with such super people.
You and Chris had an enormous feel for this sort of project, and great understanding and empathy for all the elements of music that made up this outstanding production.
Margaret and I have had calls from all over the North Island, and people at our sell-out Tauranga concert, confirmed this.
Once again, a massive effort, and the new benchmark!!"
Gray Bartlett

"Just had to say congratulations on your arrangement of “When the Pipers Play/Tusk" performed at the Lakeside.  

That was absolutely fantastic.  It displayed a great deal of  ingenuity and originality, whilst really keeping the feel of the works solid and intact. 

There was such a strong sense of com-positional/arrangement structure and you knew exactly how to work the instruments for maximum effect, whilst retaining a freshness in sound.  It is the first time since arriving in NZ that I have actually sat up and really taken note of an arrangement. 

It just brought to life so much of what I have told compositional students over and over again …"You only have freedom to create something living and fresh once you have complete command of all the aspects of your craft!"  Well, this was it!!!

Congratulations again. Absolutely awesome job and I will definitely look out for your work in future. Really impressed!"

"Hi Chris, I'd like to add my congratulations for the amazing show you all put on for us down in Rotorua....it was the best.
I felt like I had walked away from something very special,and knew I had. I could even hear Rob Guest turning in his grave saying "But he's not meant to sing it BETTER than me" Ha. May you continue in that role for a long time to come."                          
Wendy Thornton